Suicide Prevention Week

With National Suicide Prevention week upon us the Cage Wars staff thought it would be the best time to talk about suicide prevention. And yes even in MMA, people have thought of or have committed suicide. We see a lot of suicides lately and some of those possibly could have been prevented. I bet you […]

Brandon Dean Ready for his Debut

Brandon Dean isn’t just ready for his debut this Saturday at the Rivers Casino and Resort, but he has a plan. He is looking forward to a long career in MMA and his kickboxing match is just the start of it. He has a great back story, one that will bring you to your knees […]

David Tutuska Ready for Cage Wars 38

We were able to catch up with David Tutuska for The Warriors Instinct Minute. David “The Animal” had one minute to talk to whomever he wanted to for his upcoming battle at Cage Wars 38! We have to say David packed a punch when it came to his minute! So without further ado let’s see […]

Cutting Weight Safely

If you are reading this you must be looking to start cutting weight for your upcoming bout or just trying to be ahead of the curve. Below you will find ways to cut weight safely. We DO NOT suggest this without first consulting your doctor, trainer and/or coach. To cut a lot of body weight […]

Ready for War! At Cage Wars 38

Against the Cage was able to catch up with Alejandro Zapata and talk about his upcoming fight at Cage Wars 38. So take a look at the newest episode and see what Alejandro is doing see why he is ready for war! Please share the video and all Against the Cage episodes and help get […]

Matt Boyce Unable To Defend His Title

With Cage Wars 38 right around the corner Matt “The Tank” Boyce will not be defending his title. As you know Matt was set to defend the Heavyweight Cage Wars championship September 15, 2018 against Rob Wagner. During a recent training session Matt suffered a broken wrist. As we know a broken wrist doesn’t just […]

Against the Cage with Bruno Tostes

Checkout this installment of Against the Cage. Jay’s guest is the one and only Bruno Tostes owner and operator of Renzo Gracie Latham. Bruno talks about MMA as well as his upcoming move. Renzo Gracie Latham will be all moved into their location by September 4, 2018. The new location will right down the street […]