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Cage Wars 39 Weigh-Ins In The Books

With Cage Wars 39 weigh-ins in the books we wanted to share the fighters weighs that were officially taken by the USMTA at the Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady NY.

Matt Boyce 262lbs vs Jeremy Woolfolk 263lbs
Randy “Rambo” Lamb 171lbs vs Frank Mazzepa 170.5lbs
Derrick Ellis 150lbs vs Kyle Kahler 150lbs
William Brown 169lbs vs Cole Alaxanian 169lbs
Nick Spencer 205lbs vs Corey Norman 205lbs
Mike Doolen 125lbs vs Scott Hartman 125lbs
Bob Buskey 322lbs vs Shane Seccombe 322.6lbs
Nyen Maung 135lbs vs Teshay Gouthro 136lbs
Hailey Hoard 104.3lbs Elise Reed 105lbs
Andrew Giesler 155lbs vs Kreaton Crouse 155lbs
Jose Carrasquero 184lbs vs Jaheal Austin 185lbs

Posted by Cage Wars on Friday, November 23, 2018

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