Brandon Dean Ready for his Debut

Brandon Dean isn’t just ready for his debut this Saturday at the Rivers Casino and Resort, but he has a plan. He is looking forward to a long career in MMA and his kickboxing match is just the start of it. He has a great back story, one that will bring you to your knees […]

David Tutuska Ready for Cage Wars 38

We were able to catch up with David Tutuska for The Warriors Instinct Minute. David “The Animal” had one minute to talk to whomever he wanted to for his upcoming battle at Cage Wars 38! We have to say David packed a punch when it came to his minute! So without further ado let’s see […]

Ready for War! At Cage Wars 38

Against the Cage was able to catch up with Alejandro Zapata and talk about his upcoming fight at Cage Wars 38. So take a look at the newest episode and see what Alejandro is doing see why he is ready for war! Please share the video and all Against the Cage episodes and help get […]

Against the Cage with Nate Austin

Take a look below as Jay Ingleston host of Against the Cage interviews Nate Austin about his upcoming fight. Jay asks the young fighter some questions about his MMA career so far and how training is coming for his upcoming fight. Nate is set to step into the cage September 15, 2019 at Cage Wars […]

Against the Cage with Jake Davis

Jay Ingleston from Against the Cage caught up with Jake Davis on the newest episode of Against the Cage. Take a look at the video below on what Jake has to say about Upstate MMA and MMA as a whole. Jay dives into training partners as well as the importance of good sparring partners to […]

Against the Cage with Davie Doolen

We were able to catch up with Davie Doolen to talk about his upcoming fight against Robbie Bellemare. Davie talked about he does for a living, his training as well as his upcoming fight against Robbie Bellemare. So strap down and see what Davie has to say and I guarantee you wont want to miss […]

Against the Cage with Robbie Bellemare

We took some time to talk to Robbie Bellemare. Robbie is from Canada and will be bringing his A-game to the cage September 15, 2018 to face Davie Doolen. Robbie feels this fight will end quickly (1st round) against his opponent. Take a look at the interview below and let us know what you thing. […]